hey, I’m olive 𐩕

I’m living and creating on stolen Awabakal, Worimi and Gadigal land. Always was. Always will be.

New Te

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olive 𐩕

game dev dyke down under

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portrait by my gf <3

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I also might post the odd YouTube tutorial?

about me!

Some things I’m passionate about…

Learning and creating in the open!

in the open.

I started an artist collective based around this very important practice! Feel free to shoot me an email to ask about it :]

Radical Accessibility!

Accessibility in art can transcend just being functional and convey the subjective experiences in ways unique to differently abled and neurodiverse people. One of my favourite examples is alt text poetry (https://alt-text-as-poetry.net/).

Games as art, games for change.

Games can be transformative experiences, but they can also be exploitative money making machines. The latter is what makes up most of the ‘games industry’, and one unfortunate side effect of that is that most people aren’t interested in artistic games.

I want to help change that narrative!

Reclaiming the means of computation!

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you can reach me at:

eatallyourdarlings at gmail dot com

this site is a w ork

in pro gress

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my fav thing ever^

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